HP SNMP Agents on XenServer 7.1 and 7.2

May 9, 2017

NOTE: There is a new Version of HP SNMP Agent Pack 10.50 at:

mount -ro loop <pack.iso> <mount dir>


Old description below is not required any more!

Tested with HP Proliant DL 360 G7 and DL 120 G6 (Should work on newer models also)

You need an running XenServer 7.0.
Connect via WinSCP to the 7.0  server and DOWNLOAD folder /etc/xensource/installed-repos/xs:main

Connect via WinSCP to the 7.1 server and UPLOAD content to /etc/xensource/installed-repos/xs:main

connect via ssh (Putty) to the 7.1 server.

cd /home


mkdir /mnt/iso

mount -ro loop hp-agents-10.40-3.XS7.0.iso /mnt/iso/

cd /mnt/iso/


Connect to server: https://<server_ip>:2381/